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Terms & Conditions

Gold Coast Skips Services Terms & Conditions

  1. Trading terms. These are the terms and conditions which apply to the supply of the services (“the Services”). These terms apply on every occasion J.J. Richards & Sons Pty Ltd trading as Gold Coast Skips (GCS) provides the Services unless otherwise agreed in writing between GCS and the Customer.
  2. Acceptance. The Customer can confirm acceptance of these terms either in writing or verbally. If you do not indicate your acceptance of these terms and otherwise accept delivery of the equipment, you will be taken to have agreed to them by your conduct.
  3. Service Days and Frequency. GCS will perform the Services, at the location (Customer’s Premises) and at the frequency or days agreed.
  4. Hire Period. If the equipment hired by the Customer is:
    1. Greater than 3msize bin, the Hire Period is seven (7) days;
    2. 3msize bin or less, the Hire Period is fourteen (14) days.
  5. Additional Hire Fee. Where the equipment remains in the Customer’s possession for longer than the Hire Period, the Additional Hire Fee of $50.00 per week will apply.
  6. Changeover. Any changeover of equipment is considered the supply of a new hire arrangement.
  7. Ownership. The Customer acknowledges that unless purchased through a separate agreement, equipment remains the property of GCS at all times.
  8. Missed Service. In the event that GCS is unable to perform the Services at the Customer’s Premises on the day/s agreed through no fault of GCS and as a result of acts or omissions of the Customer, GCS shall charge the Customer $50.00 (Futile Service Fee).
  9. Warranties. The Customer agrees, and it is a condition of this Agreement, that it must:
    1. Not place the following items in the equipment: asbestos (unless an asbestos bin has been ordered), tyres, chemicals, paint, batteries or food waste.
    2. Ensure no liquid waste, flammable or combustible, regulated, prescribed, hazardous or dangerous goods are placed in the equipment provided, including pesticides, sharps, oils, perishables and solvents.
    3. Not fill the equipment past the top rails (Allowable Height).
    4. Instruct all personnel in the safe and proper use of the equipment.
    5. Not remove the equipment from the Customer’s Premises or the location the equipment was placed at within the Customer’s Premises.
    6. Reimburse GCS for the cost of repairs for damage to the equipment while in direct control or possession of the Customer except for fair wear and tear.
    7. Ensure that GCS has unobstructed access to the Customer’s Premises such that GCS is not prevented or hindered in any way from providing the Service.
  10. Bin Placement and Positioning. GCS will endeavour to place the equipment  as close as reasonably practicable to  the Customer’s preferred location.
  11. Compliance with Council By-Laws. Prices quoted do not include payment for any permit that may be required for the placement of the equipment. The Customer should make all relevant enquiries as to the applicability of any local government or regulatory fees relating to the placement of the equipment. These enquiries and fees are the Customer’s responsibility unless agreed otherwise. If any placement fee is charged to GCS direct by any authority, the Customer agrees to pay these fees.
  12. Allowable Weight.
    1. A 3, 4 or 6 cubic meter skip must not exceed 4 tonne and a 12, 15 or 20 cubic meter skip must not exceed 12 tonne (Allowable Weight).
    2. The Customer acknowledges that the weight of the waste deposited in the equipment shall not exceed the Allowable Weight. GCS may refuse to transport the equipment if the Allowable Weight of the equipment is exceeded.
    3. If the Customer exceeds the Allowable Weight or Allowable Height and the equipment cannot be safely lifted using GCS’s equipment or the height of the load extends beyond the top of the equipment, GCS may refuse to transport the equipment. Where GCS refuses to transport the equipment, the Customer may elect to:
    4. Agree to pay all GCS’s reasonably incurred costs associated with unloading the equipment to enable the equipment to be serviced (rate to be agreed between the Customer and GCS prior to GCS commencing this additional service); or
    5. Arrange to reduce the weight or height of the material at its own cost to allow GCS to perform the services but acknowledges that equipment rental will continue for such period and that it will be liable to pay GCS the Missed Service Fee if GCS has attended the site to perform the service.
    6. Weight in excess of the Allowable Weight may be invoiced by GCS as an extra charge at the agreed rate (Excess Weight Charge).
  13. Payment on delivery. The Customer agrees to pay for the service either before or upon delivery of the equipment.
  14. Cancellations. The Customer may cancel or vary an order provided that GCS receives no less than one (1) working days’ notice prior to the originally scheduled delivery date. Where the Customer cancels delivery of the equipment on the agreed day for delivery a fee of $35.00 will apply.
  15. Allowable Waste Only. The Customer will only dispose of material permitted under the terms of this agreement in the equipment.
  16. Other charges:
    1. The Customer may elect to receive invoices and other notices by post or email. If a Customer elects to receive invoices and other notices by post, GCS shall charge the Customer a postal administration fee (Postal Charge) of $3.06 per invoice.
    2. Where the Service relates to a waste that is required to be tracked by any environmental authority, GCS will be entitled to charge the Customer the Environmental Management Charge (EMC) agreed and/or published on our website for each waste type.
    3. Where the Customer’s method of payment fails, the Customer will be charged a $10.70 dishonoured payment fee.